The world’s best Imaging IT solution
for a variety of clinical trial


Imaging Data Management

  • Using the ImageTrialTM, we provide specialized expertise for imaging DM in the clinical trial process.
  • Along with Asan Image Metrics (, we can provide the whole imaging processes in clinical trials.


Online Medical Monitoring & Consulting

• Using the OncoTrial BoardTM, we provide

  1. Graphical summary of efficacy and toxicity data
  2. Expert opinions: online Q&A, discussion, tele-meeting


Trial Data Warehousing

  • We implement Trial DataHub platform for a pharma company either in the cloud or on-premise server
  • The main goal of Data Warehousing are as follows:
    – Long-term archiving trial data- Organizing medial image, safety, and medical monitoring data efficiently
    – Access the data easily: any where, any time, and any device
    – Maximize reuse of accumulated data


Data Exploration

  • Additional image analysis and research
    – Volumetry, Functional Imaging Biomarker, Radiomics, etc

Perfusion MRI analysis

3D surface/volume mapping

Muscle & Fat measure

  • Exploration of clinical trial data to find new information
  • Writing a scientific publication
    – Support conference abstract: ASCO, ESMO, etc
    – Support international journal paper